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do you like stuff?

Stuff is pretty cool. We like stuff.

how can i contact to seek more advice?

If you have a question more intriguing that “Who should I start this week in my Flex position”, then email us via our Mailbag. We take these submissions into consideration for future posts.

why didn’t you publish my mailbag question

Likely because your question sucked. Jk. It was probably because it may have been so specific to your particular league, that other owners wouldn’t have gained value out of it. Either that, or your question sucked. Again, jk.

can we advertise on your website?

A firm maybe. Email us via our contact form here, and we’ll be sure to consider your proposal.

are you gonna release player rankings or cheatsheets?

Another firm maybe. Our focus is more on largely on broad strategy, as well as tips and resources to improve your league and teams. We recommend using a lot of these tips to make your own cheatsheets and strategies. Trust us when we say, most of the “expert rankings” out there aren’t all that “expert”.

i signed up for your NEWSLETTER, but haven’t received it yet

Check your SPAM filter. Also, our email newsletters only go out during the spring and summer times, so don’t expect much during the in-season.