Tracking your league's "Overall Records"

Keeping track of league records requires a certain amount of manual effort from the commissioner.
Most league management platforms are quite poor at tracking and displaying league records. Not to mention, most leagues will change platforms at least once. For example, in my league of 20+ years we have switched from manual tracking (yeah, we’re pretty old) to CBS Sportsline to, and have finally settled on MyFantasyLeague.

Fantasy Football Overall Record

There are some no-brainer records to track, such as a list of “Super Bowl Champions”. There are also a lot of trivial records some leagues track, such as “Top Fantasy Kicker” of all time. The one that our league finds the most value and enjoyment in though is the “Overall Record”, as it ties to owners performance over the history of the league. Winning Fantasy Super Bowls takes quite a bit of luck, so having some alternate stat to show skill and offer bragging rights is always a good things.

We have created a template which you can create a copy of and use for your own league.
Click on the button below and it will save to your Google Sheets.

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