League Newsletters Made Easy with MailChimp

More and more Commissioners are creating weekly fantasy football newsletters for their league. It’s a great strategy to keep everyone engaged during the season. However, it is also a very laborious task. No matter what, writing up weekly Power Rankings or Game Summaries is going to take some time and creativity. One thing you can do to speed up the process though by using a newsletter tool. It will expedite the design process, allow you to create a reusable template (saving more time in the future), and also creates a more aesthetically pleasing design for your readers. There are tons of email newsletter platforms out there, but the most widely used and easy to learn for our recommendation is Mailchimp.

Quick Design with Mailchimp

Mailchimp has an extraordinarily easy learning curve. Best of all, it’s free.
Once you signup, simply click on the “Templates” link on the top header bar and then click “Create a new template”. The best part about it, is that once you get your template created, you’ll be able to re-use this same design, and simply re-populate the text on a weekly basis. A big time saver.

It’s all drag-and-drop, allowing you to place blocks of images, text, mixed image/text, videos, and more.
The whole process of establishing your template won’t take a ton of time, but we’d definitely recommend planning it out beforehand by deciding what sort of sections your newsletter will have.

Best Practices

When we first started using the tool for our league, we sent out the email from Mailchimp. However, the problem with this is the receiver gets the email individually, so there is a no easy way to REPLY ALL and respond to it. Some of the most fun of the Fantasy Newsletter is having people respond and trash talk, and this blocks that ability. The easy work around is to preview the email in Mailchimp, and then copy and paste the content into your Gmail for sending.
This process as well as a quick overview or creating a template can be seen in our 1 minute instruction video below: