Fantasy Football Draft Packet

A great way to set a tone of excitement early for the draft is by providing your league an official “League Draft Packet”.
It gives owners a little reading material while setting up, and also starts getting them enthused for the mayhem that awaits. You can either print them out for all of the teams, send them along to the owners prior to the draft to build anticipation, or do both.

Below we are going to provide you the essential framework necessary to build a quality draft packet, and even provide a template (built on Google Docs) that you can use to help expedite the process for you. In the end you’ll end up with a draft packet much like the image to the right.

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  1. Cover Page
    This is pretty self explanatory. Populate this with your league name, date / location of the draft, and put in your league logo or some other group photo.

  2. Table of Contents
    In the Google Doc, if you click on this area you’ll see a little refresh arrow to the left. This allows you to automatically update/refresh the contents of this if you added any sections or changed the section titles.

  3. Draft Order
    Use this area to enter your league’s official draft order. If you have any traded picks in the draft, you should note them here as well. This all allows owners the chance to bring attention to any mistakes before the draft begins.

  4. Keeper Roster (Optional)
    If you are running a keeper or dynasty league, it’s a great idea to include this. The easiest way is to go to your league management product (eg ESPN, Yahoo!, MyFantasyLeague) and copy and paste from there.

  5. List of Super Bowl Champions
    It’s always good to celebrate the past champs. This provides a little honorary “Hall of Fame” recognition, by being displayed in your annual draft packet.

  6. Overall Records
    Below the Super Bowl Champions, a fantastic bit of content to paste is your historical “Overall Records” of all of your teams. We wrote an article and provided a great tool for calculating and formatting this, which after completion, you can easily the main content from (just the main tab, not the whole workbook).

  7. Rule Book
    This is essential. It’s always good that everybody is provided the critical rules for your league. This way if anybody ever makes the complaint “That’s bullshit! I didn’t know X was a rule!”, you’ll always have this to point back to.

  8. Draft Day Worksheet
    We provided a basic starting point for this, which you can format to your league roster rules and aesthetic likings. This portion accomplishes a few things. First, it allows owners to keep track of the players they drafted so that they fill out a legal roster. Next, it’s a great insurance plan. For example, if you are holding an in-person draft and there’s a computer outage. Or maybe you have a paper draft board, and suddenly an angry owner sets fire to it. For whatever rare or unfortunate circumstance that arises these can be used as a tangible backup plan.

  9. Copy of Draft Day Worksheet
    This is more again for the case of a live “in-person” draft. Have the owners fill out a copy for the commissioner, which they can give them at the end of the draft. If for some reason the commissioners computer crashes before inputting the teams into the league management platform, this will provide a paper backup.

Optional additional pages
Every league is different, as are every commissioners ambitions, so these recommendations are totally optional. Although, it’s sometimes fun to add a little editorial content to start the trash talk early, so we’d highly encourage adding as many of these as possible. We would also recommend putting them following the “Rule Book” portion, so that the “Draft Day Worksheets” remain at the end of your draft packet. This allows owners to quickly jump to the back of the packet to fill out their rosters as the draft takes place.

  • Editorial: Mock Draft

  • Editorial: Grading Last Year’s Draft

  • League schedule

  • Cheatsheet

Create the Draft Packet

We’ve created a Google Docs template that you can duplicate for you own use. Of course, you can/should add you own sections, change what we have, and spruce it up even more with some league photos and owner logos.

Simply click the button below, and it will create a copy in your own Google Docs account, which you can edit and use to create your own Draft Packet.