Fantasy Football Team Names and Logos

We were originally going to have this be two separate articles, but the importance of each (team names and team logos) goes so hand-in-hand that we decided to group it into a single article. The very best of fantasy leagues are staked in tradition. This all starts from a team level with both the names and logos. Below we’ll give you some tips on the value of forming and keeping a team name, and how to easily create team logos.

Your Team Name isn’t Punny Any More

We get it. You named your team “Rollin' With Mahomies” last year because “Mahomies” rhymes with “Homies” and you had Patrick Mahomes on your roster.
Oh wait…The comedy of that was lost a mere moment after it was first read. And now that Mahomes isn’t on your roster, you are going to have to rebrand yourself yet again. You aren’t alone though, because the other owners in your league brandishing names like “Little Red Fournette” and “The Blair Walsh Project”, are also going to have to start over again.

For me, there’s nothing more annoying than having to look up which owner I’m actually playing on a weekly basis, because some asshole decides to change their name again. Also, any sense of team tradition is thrown in the garbage the moment the name gets changed. You don’t see established NFL franchises changing their name or logos (unless they move cities), and neither should you. It’s branding 101.

Stop Yourself and Your Owners From Changing Names

There’s an intangible value in establishing in set team name.
Imagine what would be taken away from the New England Patriots legacy if one year they called themselves “A Mingo Ate My Brady” and the next year they were “Gronky Tonk Man”. You would look back in the history books of Super Bowl Champions and just be like, “What the fuck? Who won Super Bowl LIII…’Ladies and Edelman’?!?”

We established a rule in our league to charge owners $10 to perform a name change. That small barrier incentivized owners so much not change their name, that in the 25+ years of existence there has only been one team perform the action.

Another benefit of not changing team names is that it alleviates the need to change a team logo from year to year.

Create Set Logos for Each Team

It’s called “fantasy football”: meaning it should be a simulated reality of owning a football franchise. Everyone should thus have a fantasy logo that one could picture on an imaginary uniform and helmet. While not everyone in your league has the artistic chops to make their own, even the most crude drawings will be more meaningful down the line than some stupid cat GIF that was had its place for a week on Reddit.

As a commissioner, you have a couple of options:

  1. Have all of the members in your league create a logo and provide it to you.

  2. Create the logos for all of the teams.

The first option works best if you provide the tools and setting to do this.
In one of our first seasons, I brought a bunch of drawing supplies to our draft, and made everyone create a logo before the draft would begin. It may sound corny, but actually a bunch of half inebriated dudes forced into craft time was incredibly funny, and made for some ridiculous results that we still use as logos today.

The second option (creating logos for the teams) is a pretty fine approach as well. This is mostly because if an owner doesn’t like the result enough, he or she will actually put the work into making their own. It’s also a very realistic approach to take on your own these days, because there are so many tools out there that can be utilized to expedite the process with somewhat decent results.

Below are some resources you (or your owners) can use to create some semi-quality logos to start with. Most of these tools were made with small business logos in mind, but there’s nothing stopping you from using them to make a fantasy football logo.

  1. Logo by Shapefactory: Nice logos can be created, but they are watermarked (unless you buy them)

  2. Launchaco: Free, but again pretty basic.

  3. Logopony: One of the better free logo wizards we came across.

  4. MyBrandNewLogo

  5. Looka: AI powered logo maker

Above you will see logos that I was able to create from the five different example platforms. Each only took about 1-2 minutes to get made.

If you Google “Free Logo Maker” you can find even more platforms that provide this same kind of service.
Another option to consider is Fiverr, where you can pay people with some artistic talent a small fee (as low as $5) to create a custom logo based on a description you provide.

Start Establishing Names and Logos Now

Once you start establishing team names and logos, some fun traditions can come out it. In a couple of my leagues we honor the winner each year with a professionally printed “Super Bowl Champion” t-shirt barring the team’s name and logo. While some of the names and images are usually NSFW, they are fun to don at the league events.

Also, all of our annual draft packets and website feature all of our logos along side our team names. The best part is we can look at the Historical Records, or list of Super Bowl Champions, and not have to guess who the owner was of some out-dated pun name that won the championship 10 years ago. The name simply says “Randall Rabid Squirrels”, a brand that is as strong as “Coca-Cola” or “IBM” within the little bubble of our fantasy league.

Now that you have the tools and know-how, you can take this all to the next level and even create a LEAGUE LOGO!