Cheatsheet Creator using Google Sheets



Our parent company used to provide a service called Some of you past users may have arrived at our website unintentionally, as the URL has been redirected to here ( The CheatsheetCreator platform used to provide a centralized tool to write player notes and create customizable cheatsheets for use at your fantasy football drafts. The service was created in the late 2000s, but had become outdated as cloud technologies (with a fair amount of work) could allow for the same capabilities.

We went ahead and put in the leg work to create the same Cheatsheet Creator tool (provided for free) all through Google Sheets. The spreadsheet tool allows you to write player notes, rank players, and develop a 1-page cheatsheet. All of the tabs can then be printed out or accessed via device for use at your fantasy football draft.


First you will create a copy of the spreadsheet into your Google Sheets by clicking the button below.

Once opened, make sure to view the instructions, as it informs you of some critical information regarding fields that shouldn’t be edited.

You will see a list of tabs on the bottom of the workbook, which you can swap between by clicking.
Make sure not to edit any details in the “Printable Cheatsheet”, as that data is all automatically populated from the position tabs (eg “QBs, RBs, WRs, etc.).

In each of the positional tabs you can re-rank and write notes about players, all which makes a pretty good workbook to print out for use at your draft.

How to Re-Rank Players:
To re-rank a player, simply click and hold a row and then drag it to it's new point (as illustrated in the animation below):

Ranking Players on your Cheatsheet

How to Cleanly Print the Printable Cheatsheet:
To accomplish a 1-page print of the cheatsheet, select FILE > PRINT from the Google Sheets file menu (NOT from your browser menu).

Once in the print menu, change the "Scale:" drop-down menu to "Fit to page", as per image below:


You may end up accumulating a bunch of notes on players in the individual position tabs, and you can/should follow the same process (Fit to Page) for printing those out.

We’re hoping to continue to improve this tool in the future, so if you have any feedback or requests leave them in the comments.