100 Yard Rush to Determine Your League's Draft Order

Are you in a pinch for a method to determine your league’s fantasy football draft order?

We wrote an article last month titled, “Methods to Determine Your Fantasy Football Draft Order”. However, we recently just came across another quick and fun method utilizing a service called 100yardrush.com

We actually used the (free) tool last year as a last second option in a draft, and it worked pretty well as a completely random method of deciding draft order. However, a “new and improved” version was recently launched adding some much improved graphics and features.

How It Works

You select your number of players, name them(usually using your fantasy owner names), and start the machine. Each player moves with an animated function, with a speed that is customizable during setup. You can also give teams "luck," to increase their chance of winning (similar to adding extra lottery tickets in a lottery draft).

When it’s all complete you will be provided a link to re-run/view the race again, which is a nice feature if you hold your order ahead of your draft and people missed the live viewing. We’d recommend doing running some fake races ahead of your “official” race to determine your draft order, just so you can get the hang of it and adjust the settings to your likings.

View a sample race

To check it out and setup your own race, just click below: