2019 NFL Bye Weeks

Bye weeks for each team for the 2019 NFL season.

Bye  Team
Week 4  NY Jets, San Francisco
Week 5  Miami, Detroit
Week 6  Buffalo, Indianapolis, Oakland, Chicago
Week 7  Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Carolina
Week 8  Dallas, Baltimore
Week 9  Cincinnati, Atlanta, LA Rams, New Orleans
Week 10  New England, Denver, Philadelphia, Washington, Jacksonville, Houston
Week 11  Tennessee, Seattle, NY Giants, Green Bay
Week 12  Kansas City, LA Chargers, Arizona, Minnesota

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Please visit our sponsor: FanDraft.com

Strategically, our philosophy falls more in the camp of “ignoring BYE weeks altogether.”

It’s really a personal thing though, that comes down to your specific league rules. For instance, if your league has a playoff week starting in week 12, you may want to pay attention to Kansas City’s BYE week. That circumstance is a rarity for most league, but you know…someone out there will find use in this list.